Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pepsi Call-In Day - Take Action Against Bottled Water

Pepsi Call-In Day– Tell Pepsi to get rid of their deceptive logo!

Do you know where your bottled water comes from? Probably not, because bottled water corporations like Pepsi, Coke, and Nestlé are reluctant to disclose this information. Instead, they prefer to use misleading branding to undermine confidence in public water systems and shape consumers perceptions of bottled water without revealing information about the sources or sites of the water they bottle. For example, the most popular bottled water brand, Aquafina, is just processed tap water, despite the image of the snow-capped mountain that appears on every label. That’s right; you could get virtually the same water out of your own tap for free!

Join Corporate Accountability International’s Pepsi Day of Action! Ask Pepsi when they will remove the misleading mountain logo on the Aquafina label and become transparent about the sources of the water they bottle. Pepsi is paying attention to this: now we need your help to step up the pressure! Every year, millions of dollars are spent to undermine the public’s faith in their municipal water systems. What we don’t realize, however, is that the water we get out of the tap is regulated far more than the bottled water we buy.

Think Outside the Bottle! Take action and join hundreds of people across the country in calling Pepsi today, in a joint Day of Action. Go to for phone numbers and a script to help make your call faster and easier!

Thank you!

Background/What’s at Stake

  • Ads do not disclose that more than one-fourth of bottled water sold in the U.S. comes from municipal sources, just like tap water.
  • Pepsi’s Aquafina label features a beautiful picture of a snow-covered mountain, even though Aquafina is filtered municipal tap water.
  • Bottled water corporations spent $158 million on advertising in 2005, promoting bottled water as better than tap water and undermining confidence in our public water systems.
  • Bottled water corporations are changing the way people think about water. Today, three of four Americans drink bottled water, and one in five drink only bottled water.

Contact Pepsi!

Call Pepsi at (800) 433-2652.

Hi, my name is ________. I’d like to speak to CEO Indra Nooyi, please.

You will likely be asked what the question is, or to leave a message: I want to ask Ms. Nooyi, when will Pepsi remove the snow-capped mountain logo from Aquafina as a step toward revealing the sites and sources of water used for bottling? After all, Aquafina uses municipal water as its source.

If Pepsi representative responds: I’m joining other people around the country who believe water is a fundamental human right that must not be turned into a for-profit commodity. Please share my question and comment with CEO Nooyi.

Email to CEO Indra Nooyi at

Dear Indra Nooyi,

The Aquafina Mountain label is misleading to consumers. The logo makes people think that the Aquafina water comes from a mountain spring, yet in reality it is purified municipal water. I want to know when Pepsi is planning to remove the logo as a step toward revealing the sites and sources of the water used for bottling.

I am joining other people around the country who believe water is a fundamental human right that must not be turned into a for-profit commodity. I urge your corporation to reveal the sources and sites of water used for bottling, publicly report breaches in bottled water quality, comparable to reports by public water systems, and stop threatening local control of water when sing and operating bottled water plants.

Thank you for your prompt response to this important issue.

Please let Corporate Accountability know what happened

After you call, please take a moment to let Corporate Accountability know what happened. You can report your phone calls by calling Campaign Headquarters at 800-688-8797 or by sending an e-mail to

Corporate Accountability International is a membership based organization that for 30 years has been protecting people around the world from dangerous and irresponsible corporate practices. For more information on Corporate Accountability International, go to

City, State:__________________
Length of Call: ______ minutes
Time:____________ AM/PM


•Get Put on Hold • Get a Busy Signal • Get Disconnected
•Spoke with Rep - What did they say? (Please be specific! Use additional page, if necessary.) Name of person you spoke to: _________________
Person's title: ____________________________
Person's department: _______________________
Thank-you for taking action - let us know about your call!
E-mail your reporting form to or call 800.688.8797.

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