Monday, July 09, 2007

Congress Must Stop Funding For Guantanamo

The Cafferty File, part of The Situation Room on CNN, poses a question every hour The Situation Room is on. This is today's 4:00 question, and Thoughts on the World's response.
Should Congress stop funding the detention center at Guantanamo Bay?

Of course. Guantanamo is an illegal facility, illegal under both U.S. and international laws. The majority of America (and of course, the rest of the world) believes Guantanamo should be shut down. Stopping funding would be a simple, uncontroversial way to correct one of the Bush Administration's biggest mistakes. Then, President Bush would be forced to relocate the terrorists to normal prisons to be tried constitutionally.


Anonymous said...

can't help but wonder why Simmons is so concerned about these people who want to kill us. I guess he is just so very humane and much more intelligent than me...
We are doomed to fail in the battle against these terrorists in the same way civilized people have always failed to defeat barbarians. We have become TOO civilized and cannot fathom the depravity exhibited by Islamic fundalmentalists.

Simmons said...

We will only win by showing that we are more civilized than them. Ever heard the expression, "You must not stoop to their level?".

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