Friday, July 13, 2007

Between Iraq and a Hard Place

It looks like Iraq is back in Washington (did it really ever leave?). There’s going to be fighting on Capitol Hill, but we can’t forget the brave soldiers fighting in Iraq, coalition and Iraqi soldiers.
Who’s between Iraq and a hard place right now:

President Bush: Will he try to make a deal with the Democrats, orr will he go down fighting, veto style?
The Democrats: Their Congress has a lower approval rating than Bush, and the public wants them to get something done.
The Republicans: With increasing pressure from both sides of the political spectrum, it’s time for them to decide: leave or stay?
General Petraeus: Also under pressure from all sides, his upcoming report is already being over politicized.
The troops: Support the troops, stay in Iraq! Support the troops, leave Iraq! They are in the middle of a huge game of tug of war.
Iraqi security forces: If they don’t work harder and cut ties from militias, Iraq will never be able to survive.
Al-Maliki government: After meeting only 8 of 18 benchmarks, more Republicans could turn against al-Maliki and his government, unless he gets something done.
Iraqi people: They need to take control of their country.

A better question might have been, “Who ISN’T between Iraq and a hard place.” The Moderate Plan for Iraq is starting to look outdated. Maybe it’s time for an update…