Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Local Cooling - Optimize Your PC Power Consumption

Local Cooling logoLocal Cooling is a free program that optimizes your PC’s power consumption. From the official description:

By adjusting the power mode settings our advanced algorithms will predict how much you will save based on past PC usage and statistical data. Every time LocalCooling saves power by either turning of your screen, putting your hard drive to sleep when not used or shutting down your PC when you are away your savings stats will start to grow.

It is possible to see your stats, which show how much energy you have saved. Along with how much energy saved, the little program that takes very little energy to install and run shows the how many trees and gallons of gas you’ve “saved”, by “translating” the amount of energy. Unless you have a problem with not being able to see your screen saver (occasionally), this is a simple way to save power, money, and the Earth.

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