Monday, July 02, 2007

7 Facts You Never Knew About Bottled Water

Part 1 in a 2-part miniseries.

7 facts you didn’t know about bottled water (you can draw your own conclusions):

• Tap water is just as safe as bottled water. In fact, the U.S. government requires more rigorous testing on tap water than on bottled water. [1] [2]

• Bottled water is thousands of times more expensive than water from your faucet. [1]

• Terephthalate (PET) is the most commonly used plastic for making water bottles. PET is derived from crude oil. [3]

• Just in the U.S., 1.5 MILLION barrels of oil are used each year for tasks such as (but not limited to) making PET, transporting bottles and powering water bottle factories. [3]

2.7 MILLION tons of plastic are used to bottle water bottles every year. [3]

86% of water bottles aren’t recycled. [4]

• About 40% of bottled water starts as tap water. [5]

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Political Realm said...

I hate bottled water. I think it tastes too chemically, while tap water is more or less free.

Sophia said...

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Anonymous said...

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Mike Kowalsky said...

I love this topic because I have a friend of mine who tells me that bottled water is so much safer than tap water and I tried to tell them that most (actually about 40%) bottled water comes from the tap. I maintain a blog about environmental issues so I'm always on the lookout for real ways people can reduce their carbon footprints but in order to do that, I have to first combat the garbage information that is out there such as "… bottled water is better than tap water". Thanks.