Thursday, May 17, 2007

Why does the U.S. Plan to Tax Its Poorest?

CNN: Bill would give 12 million a path to citizenship

Applicants would also have to pay a $5,000 penalty.

Illegal immigrants usually come to this country for better work and to earn enough money to support themselves or their family. Where are they going to get enough money to pay 5 THOUSAND dollars? That is approximately 12.5% of the average American’s (or illegal immigrant’s, for that matter) salary. Not only this, but illegals “would have to return to their home country”. Where are they going to get the money to do that?

And if somehow those problems are solved, who’s going oversee all the new citizens? The cost of ‘legalizing’ all the immigrants is going to have a huge cost and be a huge headache for the government.

This plan is illogical and implausible. If the immigrants cannot pay the price of amnesty, very few will take the offer. It appears it will pass the House, the Senate, and will not be vetoed. Hopefully someone will realize this will be a failing plan. Illegal immigration should be dealt with on the other side of the border, economically.


Anonymous said...

Ideally, yes-immigration would lessen if we offered more economic help across the border, but making it difficult to become an american citizen does not seem like a bad thing-rather the opposite. It is a privilage and it does protect our country. Those who are serious will do what it takes. As a college student, I know how much $5000 is. It may take me a year or two to save that, but if its worth it, you do what you have to do.

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