Friday, May 18, 2007

Cyber Attacks in Estonia

ComputerOriginally posted at Political Grind.

From Wikinews (but written by worldthoughts-guess who that is):

Recent cyber attacks inn Estonia that have paralyzed the high tech country’s Web sites are a threat to national security, according to the country’s defense minister. This has concerned NATO, seeing that Estonia is a member state of the organization. The attacks have subsided this week.

The defence minister, Jaak Aaviksoo, also mentioned that Russia may have been behind the attacks[1]. Estonia recently removed Soviet-Era statue, which angered many Russians. Riots left 160 injured, and 1 dead.

Both NATO and the European Union views this as an attack on one of their member states. 300 Estonian IT specialist worked day and night to fix the problem [2].

The Estonian government plans to analyze server logs and data to find who orchestrated the attacks.

This is serious. This may be the first massive cyber attack by a government.

Who else would it be besides the Russians? Some 18 year old American bored in his basement? If it wasn’t the Russian government, the only other logical possibilities would be an angered Estonian (unlikely) or angered Russians not involved with the government (likely).

Russia is on the rise. As Putin prepares to step down, Russia will go through a mid life crisis. Cracks in the foundation of democracy are growing larger. Demonstrations by the Other Russia were cracked down on with nothing held back. The brutality was allowed to be captured by a Reuters team. This was deliberate “public relations” event. It was a warning to others.


Anonymous said...

will this escalate anywhere? unlikely. this reminds me of the anger in china over japan removing war atrocities from their history books. not much came of it.

Anonymous said...

There is no proof it was a government.