Monday, May 28, 2007

Extradition Is Allowed Under the Russian Constitution

The next chapter in the best-selling murder story of Alexander Litvinenko continues, with British police accusing Andrei Lugovoi of his murder. The plot thickens…

Russian officials have refused to extradite Lugovi, claiming that the Russian constitution does not allow for extraditions. According to Bucknell University, Article 63 of the Russian Constitution states:

The extradition of persons persecuted for their political views or any actions (or inaction), which are not qualified as criminal by the law of the Russian Federation, to other states shall not be allowed in the Russian Federation.
Murder, of course, is illegal in the Russian Federation.

UPDATE: Robert Amsterdam has a great post on the subject.


Anonymous said...

Article 61.

1. The citizen of the Russian Federation may not be deported out of Russia or extradited to another state.

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