Tuesday, May 01, 2007

4 Plans That WON'T Fix Illegal Immigration

While Congress debates the best way to solve illegal immigration, blogs around the Internet are trying to find ways that will work. Illegal immigration is wrong. It has to be stopped, but there are some ideas that will not work.

1. End ALL immigration for five years
Ending immigration for even five years would be disastrous for the country. They say there is a brain drain in Iraq because of the violence, but imagine how bad it would be here. Not allowing any new minds to enter the U.S. is one of worst things you could do to the economy, especially with China and India on the rise.

2. Send the military to the border to stop the immigrants
“Let's put soldiers on the border to stop the illegals.” Sounds like a good idea, right? It's not. The army is stretched thin. We can barely get enough soldiers to Iraq. Even sending the National Guard wouldn't be right.

3. English only policies, ballots, and schools
English only policies would only alienate illegal immigrants and not encourage them to assimilate and become citizens. America is the melting pot. The fact that it is a combination of so many cultures is what makes it beautiful.

4. Build the fence!
Will the fence really be effective? Maybe it would be, but maybe it would just waste money and valuable congressional time. A fence is just a fence. It can be broken, climbed over, dug under, or be walked around. The proposed fence would supposedly have no holes. That's not even plausible.

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