Thursday, May 24, 2007

Do You Think Democrats Duped Voters?

The Cafferty File, part of The Situation Room on CNN, poses a question every hour The Situation Room is on. This is today's 4:00 question, and Thoughts on the World's response.
Do you think Democrats duped voters this past November on the issue of pork?

The Democrats were being unreasonable; it was implausible that they were going to stamp out corruption in only 100 hours. But, they had the right idea. One of the biggest reasons the Bush administration has made so many mistakes is because of the administration's affiliation with lobbyists like Jack Abramoff.


Political Realm said...

It's also true that voters in general hate the concept of pork spending, but they love it when their representatives get if for their district.

It's sort of the same way that voters always disapprove of Congress, yet 90% of incumbents are re-elected year after year.

Anonymous said...

Between the Democratic Party and the objections of a "woman" candidate receives, is a hard place to be.

Early on, when the race started, we saw Senator Kennedy, to be among the first to support Obama.

Why? Because he appreciates a young untested candidate, no, in my estimation, he preferred male over female, and did you notice how emphatic were the younger members of his family, about the fact they supported Hillary.
We lost a lot of African American votes, when they chose to support Obama, and all the Obama supporters are quite content with ignoring Florida; did you hear him say, he would do fine in Florida! Not so fast, Obama!
I pray for Hillary's good health and strengh, for women have never had it easy when they try to effect a change. Remember, when we were trying to gain the right to vote, we were put in jail.
My vote will go to Hillary or no one else, and the Democratic party is not going to get my vote.
I vote for a candidate not a political party, and there is still enough votes to get Hillary into office.
B. Love
Sunrise, FL

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