Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Obama, Presidential Race

Reuters: Obama wades into 2008 White House race

So, Obama has finally entered the race. He has a lot of support right now, along with McCain on the Republican side. It doesn’t matter yet.

First of all, candidate’s opinions haven’t been totally expressed yet. Most of the candidates are at least partially running on personality (Obama). And even their true personalities don’t come out except under situations where they think no one is watching (“Macaca” moment).

Secondly, candidates haven’t had the chance to mess up yet. The prime example, of course, is Howard Dean.

But most importantly, situations will change. Especially Iraq. McCain has been a prime proponent of the surge in Iraq. If this fails, it will probably send him to the bottom of the polls. If it works wonderfully, his popularity will skyrocket. That’s just an example. Something big could happen, another terrorist attack on U.S. soil, another Israeli war, perhaps this time with Syria or Iran rather than Hezbollah. Would the election be the same? Of course not.