Monday, January 08, 2007

E-mail to the Cafferty File

The Cafferty File, part of The Situation Room on CNN, poses a question every hour The Situation Room is on. This is today's 4:00 question, and a response.
A top U.S. commander in Iraq says it might take another "two or three years" to gain the upper hand in the war. Are you willing to wait that long?

To put it simply: yes. If anything can be salvaged from this disastrously handled war, three years doesn't seem that long. Lebanon is being over run by Hezbollah; without it, democracy will deteriorate even more quickly than it is now (no thanks to the Iraq war). And, as the general said, if the American people have hope, they will be more supportive of the war.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Cafferty, you're an intelligent man. Answer me this: Why are the folks MOST opposed to abortions , the greatest supporters of the war? Are women to become the machines of war, creating the next army?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cafferty: Tomorrow night's question should be something to the effect of..."What is it you think a Mormon President would do to harm this country in the name of religeon that George W. Bush has not already done?

david said...

Mr Cafferty

The possibility that Al Gore could be a viable candidate exist. I would be more supportive of Sen. Feingold or Sen. Hagle. They have continued to stick to their principals regardless of external pressures. Sen. Feingold will not be handled, or directed by others regarding his beliefs and strengths. Strength of character and honesty towards yourself are traits sadly lacking in any of the other candidates.

David Tharp

Davenport, Iowa

Anonymous said...

I am disgusted by your comments in reference to the Armenian Genocide. While ignoring the historical facts, you brush off the history by saying “…only happened 100 years ago”. How can we highlight the genocide in Darfur but ignore historical genocides such as the Armenian Genocide, even when they happened 100 years ago. Mr. Cafertty, you can be compared to Iran’s president who keeps brushing off Holocaust and the history, in very similar manner. Mr. Cafertty, you just lowered yourself to the same standards as Mr. Ahmadinejad, by ignoring the historical facts. How can CNN, even criticize Iran’s President for his comments about the Holocaust, but let you speak foolishly about the Armenian Genocide? Maybe if you had family members who died in the Genocide, then you will be more compassionate. Or, maybe you would betray your family members by saying “…oh it only happened 100 years ago”. Yes, it might be true that Turkey is an important NATO member…but you need to check some historical facts that was not 100 years ago, but was recently when Turkey did not let US Army’s 4th Infantry Division enter Iraq through Turkey. Did you criticize our important NATO ally then? Or, do you criticize Turkey when they are killing their Journalists who happen to be of Armenian descent, and labeling their murderers as heroes? Or, do you criticize Turkish government in your editorials when they are interfering with the affairs in Iraq by attempting to destabilize the peaceful Kurdish sector of Iraq? After all, Mr. Cafferty you are another hypocrite trying to make news.

ed said...

Jack, to hear you so vigorously defend Obama, makes me think you drank the "I'll change Washington, Illegal aliens are good for the country,free health care, free education,we won't raise taxes, we'll get it by cutting programs" Kool-aid. You're too old and wise a head to actually swallow it, aren't you? Just changing Washington would qualify as a miracle. No one will!

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