Monday, January 01, 2007

Hussein's Execution

There wasn't enough time to publish the article on Saddam's execution before the execution, especially because it was still during the holidays. So instead of typing up a long version of the opinion, here's a short version. Of course, the ex-dictator has already been executed, so the article is almost pointless to read, but...

If the death of Saddam Hussein was the birth of a new Iraq, then Iraq was born premature. Let's make this clear: Iraqi courts ruled Hussein should be executed for his crimes in Dujail, so when the time is right, Saddam should be executed. The time wasn't right. Hussein wasn't convicted for and didn't even start the trial for some of his worst crimes, such as the murders of over 100,000 Kurds. Everyone effected in some way by his cruelness is probably still happy about his death, but wouldn't you be a bit happier if you knew that the Iraqi courts recognized the slaughter of your family and friends?