Friday, January 26, 2007

Bush's Reform

Recently, more and more often Bush has been admitting mistakes and being more conciliatory. In his surge speech, President Bush admitted mistakes in Iraq. Earlier this week, he agreed to let a special court monitor his wiretapping program. In the State of the Union, he backed down on global warming, and is beginning to address it. The Reform started when Bush fired Rumsfeld. Not only did this get rid of a hard-liner, it itself was a reform. Anyone else notice Cheney has been pretty quiet recently? Cheney and Rumsfeld were a major part of the problem. Now that Rumsfeld is gone and Cheney is being less of an extremist, the Reform has begun and there’s a much higher probability this presidency can be salvaged.

Bush: “I'm the decision-maker.” Sound familiar? When calls for Rumsfeld to be fired where echoing around the country, the President said basically this exact same thing. Then he gave in. While talking about his surge plan, he said this. And he’ll probably at least partially give in on this topic too. Eventually. President Bush has a need to show that he is in control. He will often try to show that he is in control, but will ultimately concede and fail miserably. He hasn’t listened to the Iraq Study Group, (temporarily) refused to fire Rumsfeld, and has extended presidential power many times. His attempts to show that he is in control are endless. He has to learn to accept that he can’t always have what he wants. With Democrats in control of Congress conciliation is required now more then ever.