Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rudy G Drops Out - Why?

Why would Rudy Giuliani bother dropping out now?

Sure, he invested a lot in Florida, and his crushing loss surely didn't help his campaign. But he still had a lot of support in different Super Tuesday contests. He might as well have stayed on for another week.

Some will point to his campaign’s money troubles. But lets dig a little deeper.

Thinking VP
During his concession speech, Giuliani endorsed current Republican frontrunner John McCain. One could take this at face value; Giuliani supports McCain’s positions and values.

Politicians don’t think like that. You’ve got to put yourself in Rudy’s shoes. What’s the closest thing to the presidency? That whole vice-presidency thing.

And it’s looking even better for Giuliani. McCain will take office at age 73, the oldest president ever, I believe. If the former Prisoner of War gets conked out, so to speak, Giuliani would get exactly what he had wanted from the beginning: the most powerful job on Earth.


Andy said...

I can't imagine Giuliani as McCain's vp. They both appeal to the same groups, only McCain does it better (moderate Republicans, some indies, and warhawks). Giuliani would only make McCain's base problem worse.

Simmons said...

It's looking like it will be Huckabee, not Giuliani.

But Giuliani always could've been Romney's VP.