Thursday, January 03, 2008

Liveblogging Iowa Caucuses

10:55 AP: Chris Dodd drops out

I think it's pretty much fair to say Obama and Huckabee have won.

Obama up 7%; 1611 of 1781 precincts in

9:33 Obama up 6%

9:27 CBSNews projecting Obama as winner.

9:24 And it's Huckabee in Iowa people, by what looks like a 5%-8% margin in front of Mitt Romney. That wasn't my prediction, but I guess Iowa must have more religious lunatics than I thought.

9:10 CBS News forecasts Huckabee winning Republican caucuses.

8:55 Obama passes Edwards, takes 1st; 630 of 1781 precincts reporing

8:51 Obama passes Hillary to take 2nd so far; 554 of 1781 precincts reporting

8:45 From, the Iowa Democrat's Caucus website (I added the time signature):

Kinda surprising.

I'll be liveblogging by the way, for the next hour or so at least.