Wednesday, January 09, 2008

How Clinton Pulled it Off

After Clinton’s stunning comeback yesterday, it is important to ask the question: How did Hillary win (and how did the polls get it so wrong)?

She didn’t have one silver bullet that boosted her performance; it was a combination of many things:
• Her superior organization
• The female vote
• Clinton’s cry
• The over hype of Obama (this answers the second part of the question)

In that order. Her organization, her money and her endorsements helped her raise awareness and to get out the vote. Specifically, the women vote. About 57% of New Hampshire voters that voted Democrat were women. They carried Clinton out from behind (interesting to note: Obama received the majority of women’s vote in Iowa).

Now, I tried not to get into to this to much when I saw it online, but a lot of analysis are claiming Hillary got the sympathy vote for when she teared up. Interestingly enough, Mitt Romney did the same thing, albeit a few months ago, and didn’t come out from behind. It’s more likely the ‘cry’ may have pushed some citizens into voting for her, but it wasn’t what was gave her the win.