Friday, April 20, 2007

Presidential Candidates Views On "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton This is the final post (#3) in a series.

Sorry this post took so long. It was meant to contain e-mails back from the top 6 presidential candidates, but none have responded. Instead, this post will rely on public information.


Hillary Rodham Clinton has not expressed her opinion of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy (instituted during her husband’s presidency) outright, but has conveyed some distaste for it. When asked in an ABC interview on her position, she responded by saying “I'm going to leave that for others to conclude.” But she later clarified her stance, saying, “I do not think homosexuality is immoral.”

Barack Obama made comments that sounded suspiciously like Clinton’s. When asked if he thought homosexuality was immoral (around the time General Pace’s comments), he replied “I think traditionally the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman has restricted his public comments to military matters. That's probably a good tradition to follow.” Just like Hillary, he explained his comments. His spokesman later said he disagrees with Pace.

John Edwards has been one of the clearest candidates, if not the clearest, on his position on “don’t ask, don’t tell”. A press release at his website explains his position. He strongly believes that the don’t ask policy is hindering our military, and that the policy should be repealed.


Rudy Giuliani does not believe in discrimination against gays, but has no problem leaving the current policy the same. “I think the policy that we have right now, we should leave alone,” Giuliani said. “We are in a time of war.”

John McCain believes the military’s policy American Gay Flagtowards gays is “working” and that “it’s logical to leave this issue alone.” He claims some military leaders have told him the policy is working and shouldn’t be changed.

Mitt Romney, just like Giuliani and McCain, considers “don’t ask, don’t tell” acceptable. Once a supporter of gays, his believes have changed. Rudy Giuliani and John McCain both believe we are at war and the situation shouldn’t be changed, and coincidentally, Romney does not wish to change the status quo.


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