Thursday, April 19, 2007

How The Media Can Spin The News

The media has great power over how the U.S., and the world, views current events. It all depends how the media spins it. The glass can be half empty or half full according to them...

Real article: Gunman kills 32 in worst US shooting rampage
Glass half full: Bullied student takes revenge on his bullies
Glass half empty: Student massacres 32 and self in worst U.S. shooting rampage ever

Real article: Students angered by manifesto
Glass half full: Students irritated by manifesto
Glass half empty: Students outraged by media glamorizing mass murderer

Real article: Fighting flares again in Mogadishu
Glass half full: Mogadishu fighting, but not as bad as Iraq
Glass half empty: Missiles fly in Mogadishu; 12 dead

Real article: Arabs form Israel 'contact group'
Glass half full: Arabs begin attempts to find a peaceful Israeli-Palestinian solution
Glass half empty: Arabs declare conditions must be met before talks with Israel begin

Real article: Al Gore's green home improvements
Glass half full: Al Gore helps slow global warming
Glass half empty: Al Gore lives up to his ‘green’ speeches

Real article: Alberto Gonzales--Candor?
Glass half full: Alberto Gonzales admits some mistakes were made
Glass half empty: Alberto Gonzales maintains position that it wasn’t his fault for firings

Real article: Preacher's wife convicted of his killing
Glass half full: ‘Abused wife’ convicted
Glass half empty: Murderer convicted

Real article: Reid: 'This War Is Lost'
Glass half full: Senate majority leader says the Iraq war can only be won diplomatically
Glass half empty: Democratic majority leader declares defeat

Real article: Iran tells U.S. it has no details on ex-FBI agent
Glass half full: Iran aids in search for American but has no new details
Glass half empty: Ex-FBI agent missing in Iran; Iran doesn’t know where

Real article: Sen. McCain (R-AZ) Jokes About Bombing Iran in Campaign Stop
Glass half full: McCain jokes around on campaign trail
Glass half empty: McCain makes references to bombing Iran

It all depends on how you look at it...