Sunday, April 15, 2007

6 Reasons Gays Should Be Allowed In The Military

Gay American FlagAs part 2 in the ongoing Gays in the Military Series, today we'll have a look at why gays should be allowed to serve openly in the military.

1. People who say they shouldn't be allowed give reasons that are wrong.
People who believe gays shouldn't be allowed in the military (who shall be known from now on as "bigots") have essentially two reasons that homosexuals should be banned from the Army: They are immoral and/or disrupt soldiers from carrying out their duties. First of all, being homosexual is not immoral; saying it’s immoral is bigotry. Secondly, gays don't interfere with the military's everyday functioning. For more elaboration, see numbers 2 and 6.

2. They don’t affect other soldiers
As mentioned previously, homosexual soldiers do NOT affect other soldiers. They can go about their daily military activities, just like everyone else. Should women be barred from service because they distract male soldiers? No, of course not, that would be sexist! Then why isn't stopping homosexuals from joining the military, homophobic? If women don't disrupt the military, why would gays?

3. There was no problem before the 1990s
Throughout the Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, The Korean War, and The Vietnam War, and The First Gulf War, homosexuals served in the army without major problems. Why couldn’t they now?

4. It creates a loophole for those wishing to leave the army
If a soldier, suffering under heavy stress, wishes to stop participating in an unpopular war (Iraq), "Don't ask, don't tell" creates a way in which deserters can get out of the army. If a soldier appears to admit that he or she is not heterosexual, they can be discharged.

5. The army needs more soldiers
As a more practical approach towards the situation, you could look at this way: The army needs more soldiers. How can the army go about achieving this? Allowing gays to enlist.

6. “All men are created equal”
This line may not be law, but it is the symbol of American justice. Homosexuals are just like everyone else; they were born equal too. It is about time we live up to our promise.

Gays in the Military Series:

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6 Reasons Gays Should Be Allowed In The Military


Anonymous said...

//2. They don’t affect other soldiers//

I can see why this is more iffy. Most straight people don't want a gay person right there because they fear they'll get ass raped or something to that effect so it then ends up rattling their mind a bit making it a constant and irratating thing in their minds.

To answer #3 I need to know exactly WHEN it happened and who the president was around that time.

Simmons said...

Once again, compare the situation to women. Aren't they afraid that they could be raped? Does that mean men should be barred from the military? No.

Another Simmmons said...

actually women create quite a few issues, such as all the duties that a pregnant soldier must pass on because they aren't allowed to perform them (although that doesn't at all refute the gay issue, just the female/gay comparison).

also, why is that that so many people think gender segregated classrooms are such a great idea but in the same breath will argue against gender segregated military?

moreover, saying that no gay soldier ever acts out of line is beyond the realm of possibility. people are people and people fuck around. preference for penis or vagina in no way an indicator for responsible behavior.

all in all I agree with you, if not for the same reasons. probably 15% of my unit was bi/gay and I didn't have any inordinate amount of problems with them as opposed to my straight troops.

Gay soldiers CAN cause significant problems in a unit but in my experience it's usually the support/admin/supply/maintenance units who have less experience with the real world that can't deal with the idea of man-love.

Anonymous said...

Being gay is immoral. Its a denial of nature itself. love is a way for humans to find a mate and produce offsprings, not have gay butt sex with one another. That aside, gays in the military is a big issue. You know why? Because like it or not, Most guys are "homophobic" and thats ok. That being said, it creates issues that are not present when only straight men are soldiers. Gays would not be treated equal, would probly be exposed to more danger on the frontlines(Im not watching your back), and would create moral issues. allowing gas in the military would spread cracks throughout the unity needed in an armed force.

Dutch Iamx said...

I can't see any wrong or bad idea about gays joining in the military. If their purpose is to serve and fight for the country, then why not? If being in a military serves their purpose as a human then let them be. At least in that way we know they worth something than just thinking they are not making any sense. - Check out my Latest Blog Post: Revitol Stretch Mark Cream Review

Anonymous said...

from my point of view there's no problem with gays will be accept it in the US army, in fact many gays want to service to them nation, and for the stupid homophobia we are losing good soldiers, according with Viagra Online the most of the soldier end dead or gay, so what is the difference?