Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Global War on Global Warming

Suddenly, global warming deniers have begun to strike back. Anonymous comments, even on this blog, claim learned scientists do not know what they are talking about.

Tim Ball is 100% correct. Deal with it.


Sen. Inhofe (R-OK) - Warming Is A Weather Channel Conspiracy

This (mostly) right wing conspiracy is slowly eroding away at people’s confidence. “When you’ve been taught something for so long, whether it’s right or not, you begin to feel like its right.”

People don’t want the climate to change. We’re comfortable with what we have right now. But people like Senator Inhofe need to understand the seriousness of the situation (by the way, Imhofe has received campaign contributions from energy and oil companies). Our style of life could change drastically, in the next century.

Don’t think it won’t affect you. The next century means the next 15 years. The next 50 years. If you’re 30 now, you’ll probably still be alive when worst of the effects begin to hit. But it can be prevented. Changes need to be immediate at have maximum impact, before people like Senator Inhofe destroy our way of life.

And please don’t start yelling “fear monger!” in the comments section.

Other examples of people not looking at the facts:
Global Warming Is Not Caused By Humans... - Global Warming or Just Hot Air? - The Greenhouse Myth
More to come (maybe)


a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

FEAR MONGER!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, just being a dink. This is one of those subjects that really irks me. For one thing the terminology is easily manipulated. But the big thing is is that it, like everything else gets so polarized between the two extremes of the argument instead of middle ground which would likely satisfy the majority of the people (I hope).

My understanding of it, which is honestly limited is that we don't understand to what degree we the human inhabitants of the planet effect it.

Bottom line, it strikes me as odd that we wouldn't have any effect on it whatsoever, even if it was just us, the plants and the animals emitting CO2 etc...

It is a subject we should not ignore, but I also believe we shouldn't go overboard in reacting to planet devastation as though it could be tomorrow. Baby steps in a greener direction works for me - it is possible. we're always in a hurry to fix/affect something rather than catching our breath (by hurry, I don't mean that this hasn't been a subject of contention for some time now).

This doesn't help the subject at all but the planet WILL survive, we just may not.

Simmons said...

"My understanding of it, which is honestly limited is that we don't understand to what degree we the human inhabitants of the planet effect it."

Well, anything else that could be changing the climate (the sun, asteroids, volcanoes, earth's position, earth's orbit) are all either acting normal or non existent.

More proof that the Earth is warming comes from...temperature! Some of the hottest years on record have been in the last 20 years; The warmest year on record in the U.S. was last year.

inel said...

"the terminology is easily manipulated"

This is exactly why ordinary folk need to educate themselves, and/or rely on authoritative world-respected experts, instead of playing into the hands of the so-called experts who operate outside the international scientific peer-reviewed arena to pollute American minds.

The IPCC has produced reports, and is releasing more reports this year, on the level of scientific understanding of the underlying physical science, and the degree to which we can model observed changes and then predict likely scenarios for future conditions. They have recently released their latest Summary for Policymakers (i.e. for all of us in democratic countries who vote) so we can benefit from their comprehensive assessment of the impacts of climate change on populations in different regions around the world.

None of this is secret: all is made public.

akabu, although you say you have a limited understanding, you may not realise that your comments read just as the sceptics would wish: you sound moderate with your softly, softly approach, yet we have already waited too long to address our climate challenge. Undoubtedly, the poorest of the poor will suffer the most.

Sceptics rely on no action, or too little effective action, because that maintains business-as-usual, which is to the climate contrarians' benefit.

Anonymous said...

"More proof that the Earth is warming comes from...temperature! Some of the hottest years on record have been in the last 20 years; The warmest year on record in the U.S. was last year."

You're making a judgement on a planet that has been around for BILLIONS OF YEARS based on the last 20 years. LOL!!

Simmons said...

You are COMPLETELY correct. Saying that temperature levels rising shows that greenhouse gases affect the Earth...

The reason scientists know the greenhouse effect has the greatest impact on our weather (rather than, say, the sun) is because of this:
As carbon dioxide levels go up, so does temperature.

Look at this graph if you don't understand:

Thank you for pointing that out.

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Michael Ejercito said...

If we were really concerned about the world heating up, we would set off atomic bombs to send dust into the upper atmosphere to reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the surface to reduce temperatures.

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