Sunday, February 18, 2007

North Koreans Agree to Disarm

Here's why the deal with North Korea can only be good (in response to a thread at

There's nothing wrong with buying out North Korea's disarmament. By ending a repressive regime's tyranny through energy assistance, the free world doubly gains. The suffering peoples of North Korea can live a better life, and there is a couple less nukes (in the hands of loony toon) in the world. The governments that agreed to participate lose some oil, maybe some money, but is that really too big of a price?

In this specific case one might worry that North Korea will double cross the world (again) and not give up it's nuclear ambition. At least we tried. At least Bush stopped being such a hard-liner and gave in to talks. At least Bush almost did something right for a change.

What's to lose ?

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