Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Logical Solution

Another quote from Polite Talk forums:


1) Gay People are overwhelmingly in favor of their right to marry.

2) Gay People would marry other gay people.

3) Regardless of law, non-gay People would marry someone of the opposite sex.


1) Overwhelmingly, people opposed to a right to gay marriage would not choose to marry someone of the same sex.

2) No one who does not wish to marry someone of the same sex could be forced to.

3) A Legal right to gay marriage would have a positive individual effect on those who would exercise that right.

4) A Legal right to gay marriage would have no negative individual effects on those who would choose not to exercise that right.


1) Noting the absence of negative individual effects on detractors, it follows that the reasons for opposing such a right are largely abstract. Examples include varying degrees of religious opposition, and to a lesser extent, the simple desire to impose one's will on others.

2) Noting the overwhelmingbelieff in religion that humans have free will and one's final judgement is made on an individual basis, it follows that regardless of whether or not gay marriage is an abomination or a sin, the judgement of those who choose to exercise that right could in no way affect anyone who don't.

3) Noting the overwhelming belief among people that "I am entitled to equal rights," it follows that the imposition of anyone's will on another constitutes a double standard.


1) Any Religious Judgement is between the individual and his/her God, and therefore no one's business but theirs. Ergot, the validity of religious arguments is dissolved.

2) Hypocrites aside, the overwhelming majority of the people believe fairness and equality of opportunity are the cornerstones of a democracy.


There are two solutions that would make the situation both fair and equal in opportunity:

1) Make it an inalienable legal right for anyone to marry the person of their choice, regardless of gender.


2) Make it a crime for anyone to marry a person to whom he or she is sexually or physically attracted.I say, let them eat (wedding) cake.

Now, conservatives and die-hard believers, please explain why gay marriage is bad.