Monday, November 12, 2007

Top 5 Reasons Ron Paul's an Idiot

5. He wants to get rid of the U.N.

But supports peaceful solutions to conflicts?

4. He wants to allow prayer in public schools

Please no…

3. He thinks we’d be safer without the CIA

And he’s a conspiracy theorist.

2. He wants to get rid of the EPA

After the Bush Administration’s 8 years of butchering the environment, I think many of us environmentalists would have a heart attack if this happened.

1. He wants to leave abortion up to the states, ban funding for stem cell research, stop campaign finance reform, end the minimum wage, and he doesn’t support gay marriage

Yeah, that’s more than one. I wanted to only have 5, and so I had to condense this into only one. That shows how bad he is. Check out his votes at On The Issues, it’s all true.

Here’s the worst of his record from On The Issues (h/t Hanlon):

# Voted NO on expanding research to more embryonic stem cell lines. (Jan 2007)

# Voted NO on allowing human embryonic stem cell research. (May 2005)

# Voted YES on banning partial-birth abortions. (Apr 2000)

# Voted YES on banning gay adoptions in DC. (Jul 1999)

# Voted YES on ending preferential treatment by race in college admissions. (May 1998)

# Voted NO on $84 million in grants for Black and Hispanic colleges. (Mar 2006)

# Voted YES on withdrawing from the WTO. (Jun 2000)

# Voted NO on requiring lobbyist disclosure of bundled donations. (May 2007)

# Voted NO on campaign finance reform banning soft-money contributions. (Feb 2002)

# Voted NO on banning soft money and issue ads. (Sep 1999)

# Voted YES on building a fence along the Mexican border. (Sep 2006)

# Voted NO on restricting employer interference in union organizing. (Mar 2007)

# Voted NO on increasing minimum wage to $7.25. (Jan 2007)

# Voted YES on making the Bush tax cuts permanent. (Apr 2002)

# Voted YES on eliminating the Estate Tax (”death tax”). (Apr 2001)

# Voted NO on establishing “network neutrality” (non-tiered Internet). (Jun 2006)


shoob44 said...

he is not against many of the things you mentioned, but instead the idea of the government funding of those items. Do you really trust the government with your money? I think private industries know how to use money more effectively than the federal government. Everything Ron Paul supports coincides with the constitution and the founding fathers original belief of less government and more individual liberties.

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