Thursday, November 01, 2007

An Open Letter to Waring Howe, South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman

This is the guy who said he'd allow a Colbert campaign over 'my dead body'. Please copy this and email it to him at or call him at 843-722-8269! (change your name obviously)

Dear Mr. Howe,

I'd like you to reconsider your rejection of the Colbert Campaign. You are missing a huge opportunity that is unlikely to come again unless we vote in another president as unpopular as the current president.

By denying Colbert even the chance to run, you are effectively throwing away the youth vote. By allowing Colbert to be on ballot, the percentage of young voters would increase beyond what it has been for years. This has been proven through the '1 Million Strong for Stephen T. Colbert' Facebook group, which, at the time of this writing, has over 1.3 million members. Yes, 1.3 million members.

Second, you are denying South Carolina the chance to be a powerful primary state. A Colbert campaign in the state would bring unprecedented media coverage. Not only the media, but a new candidate with such media attention would cause campaigns locked in the lead to consider the possibility of a poll shake up.

If Stephen T. Colbert does not get his well deserved spot on the ballot in January, trust me, he will collect the signatures to get on the ballot in general election. And that can only hurt the Democratic party.

Carrots and sticks, Mr. Howe.



Anonymous said...

I an very concernd to know that the democratic party has an untrust worthy treasurer. Do you not look at the back ground of who you put as treasurer, She is only making democratic's look bad. From a IOP DEMOCRAT

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