Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Right's Bloodlust

gulianiiran.pngWe’re not going to war with Iran. Get over it.

Hawks on the right are screaming for war, and it’s scaring a lot of people. The good news is the Bush administration isn’t listening.

No war

After years of ignoring advice from anybody but itself, the Bush Administration is accepting the fact that it cannot do whatever it wants with no respect for the wishes of other nations and cultures. The Administration and its allies are realizing diplomacy is the first step before war. See: North Korea.

The same tactics we successfully applied to North Korea we are applying to Iran, for the same reasons. We are isolating them internationally through sanctions at the U.N. and public statements hinting at military action. The right’s lust for blood has only made the threat of war seem more real.

Once the Iranians are completely isolated, as the North Koreans were, we will offer them a deal diplomatically, as we did with the North Koreans. But that is not the point of this article. The point is how easily extremists on the far left and particularly on the far right have fallen for this faux threat of war.

Blood Lust

Not since November 3, 2004 have so many Republicans wet their pants. Candidates have been giddy, bloggers have been going wild, and Fox News is throwing a never ending fiesta (no illegal immigrants allowed, of course).

Maybe if they sat down seriously, thought about it, and maybe even read this article, they'd realize we're not going to war with Iran.