Wednesday, March 28, 2007

[POLL] Is Global Warming Real?

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Do you believe Global Warming is real and or caused by humans?
It's real and caused by humans
It's real, but it's not caused by humans
The Earth isn't warming
Not sure free polls


Anonymous said...

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amos dettonville said...

thrilling that you're a blog of the day winner eh? no comments just believers in global warming. too many questions to prove that the "warming" and changing weather patterns are global IMHO. don't think humans contribute enough to count or worry about - and i have a disdain for those who fail to see that humans are not the ruination of the earth (not totally) but we be a part o the thing.


Simmons said...

Thanks for voting and commenting everybody!

Anonymous said...

This issue has been distorted in the sense that the question is generally posed such that acceptance of global warming is considered inherent acceptance that it is caused by human activity. The earth has gone through many colossal climate changes during it's existence. The period of man's existence in earth's history is micro-miniscule. Why would we think we humans are anything but an annoying fly on nature's butt?