Monday, March 12, 2007

Is Alberto Gonzales the Source of the President's Problems?

So, the question is whether the attorney general should be fired. The answer is...yes. Will the President do it? No.

The politically biased firings of federal prosecutors, the NSA spying program and the FBI's illegal snooping are all black marks on his resume. As stated by many, including the New York Times, Mr. Gonzales seems to still believe that he is President Bush's personal lawyer. He appeases the president, telling the president his every whim is Constitutional.

Think about it. The controversies of the Bush presidency can all be traced back to him (and Cheney), excluding Iraq and Katrina. Guantanomo. Abu Ghraib (the President claims it isn't his fault, but really...). Signing statements. Torture. NSA spying. The FBI scandal. The politically charged firing of federal prosecutors. All of these are illegal and unconstitutional, a fact that Mr. Gonzales continues to deny. Alberto Gonzales is one of the biggest reasons the Bush administration is turning into a failure, if not the biggest. He should be out now.


GDAEman said...

Hey Simmons,

yea, you're right... similar to my post. The list of abuses makes one feel like this attorney-firing incident is simply the last-straw. However, it's my understanding that what's going on is that the attorney-firing is a direct affront to the Senate because Senators traditionally nominate the US Attorney's for their state and because they are supposed to be able to confirm them.

On the last point, a provision slipped into the USA PATRIOT Act (note all CAPs) allowed the President to install US Attorneys without Senate approval.... of course, most of the senators voted for it.

Which raises another point... Congress routinely votes on big fat bills that they never read. God only knows what laws are on our books thanks to corporate lobbyists.

Thanks for the occasional visit.