Thursday, March 08, 2007

Earmarks and Term Limits

To continue yesterday's post...

Quote from a post at PoliteTalk Forums:

Earmarks should simply be forbidden. But beyond that, the only way to stop this loot-the-treasury mindset--short of our having more people run for office (and actually be elected!) who do so out of a sincere desire to perform public service, rather than as a function of career advancement--is to constitutionally mandate term limits for Senators and Congresspeople. That would at least reduce
the inclination to pander.

There's no question earmarks should be forbidden. The deficit is high enough. But term limits? How do term limits prevent earmarks?

Lobbyists are becoming a major power in Washington. Their influence over our representatives is unconstitutional.

Term limits. The phrase alone is enough to send shivers down any politician's spine. But what is their benefit? Every government is scrutinized in today's internet age. Corrupt senators are voted out anyway. What do term limits do besides inhibit good, patriotic government officials?


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