Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rove Must Have Stopped Giving Bush Advice

So Bush has decided to turn conventional wisdom on its head by invoking Vietnam when talking about Iraq.

Karl Rove must’ve stopped giving him advice.

Comparing Iraq to Vietnam isn’t smart for many (bulleted) reasons:
     •Vietnam divided the U.S.
     •Vietnam was a failure/'quagmire'
     •The dominoes never fell
     •America won the Cold War anyway

I could expand on these but I think you get the point.


Ryan DeRamos said...

Hearing Bush's comments concerning Vietnam and Iraq were a bit unsettling. It reminded me of the time when a friend of mine said that the United States won Vietnam...of course we were both in the 3rd grade at the time of that conversation, and my friend was about 8 years old.

Feel free to draw some sort of satirical analogy with Bush and my then-8 year old friend.

And...hello! I hope to visit again soon!


Simmons said...

Hi Ryan,

Hmmm. For some reason, the other comment system didn't load.

But I like your comparison!
Thanks for the comment.


Stix said...

We won the military war in Vietnam, but not the political one at home. We won almost every battle, but the MSM back then didn't rite about that . They said the Tet Offensive was a lose, but we actually won that battle. After that the whole country was against the Vietnam war. It is exactly what is happening now. The coalition is winning many battles and the Iraqis that used to be against the coalition are starting to join the coalition. But the MSM is slow in writing are broadcasting that.

Simmons said...

We are winning the military battles in Iraq, but not the political ones. But you're right that the MSM is slow on picking the military successes up.

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