Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Impeaching Bush is Pointless

The Cafferty File, part of The Situation Room on CNN, poses a question every hour The Situation Room is on. This is today's 7:00 question, and Thoughts on the World's response.
Democratic presidential hopeful Chris Dodd says it would be a mistake for Democrats to impeach President Bush. Is he right?

Yes. There is less than a year and a half left in his term. It’s just not worth it.

There are two big reasons not to impeach Bush:
1. It would be time-consuming
2. Democrats don’t have enough votes.

As we saw during Clinton’s impeachment, Congress does very little during the impeachment process. In fact, during Clinton’s impeachment, his approval ratings rose. The Democratic-led Congress has so much to do already; how many bills have passed so far this session? Not many.

Democrats barely hold a slim majority in Congress. For impeachment to be introduced in the Senate, the House only requires a slim majority. But a conviction requires 2/3 majority in the Senate. That’s not likely.


Anonymous said...

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Oh, sorry, I was just offering opinion about American journalism, especially CNN, not its people!
So please don't demand any apology from me.

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giselad said...

I just saw Obama returning from Brazile - WITH HIS ENTIRE FAMILY- what is this guy thinking the whole world is in trouble and he takes joy rides with his family?
Only in America.
The american people are paying for this and more - at the same time people like me are giving food to people in my community that cannot afford to purchase anything for them selves and their pets.35% are on Food Stamps and Obama our President the defender of the free world is taking his family of vacation under the guise of an official visit. Disgraceful!