Sunday, June 03, 2007

CNN New Hampshire 2008 Democratic Debate Notes

There was many differences between the candidates on dealing with Iraq, but besides that, they had very similar ideas.

John Edwards was very interesting in this debate, he was very aggressive. He was also sucking up to Obama.

Political Realm sums it up even better: Frontrunners Excel In Second Democratic Debate

Edwards went on the offensive, specifically against Hillary
Edwards complimenting Obama a lot; vice president?
Clinton says differences between Democrats are small

Gravel only one who thinks English should be the official language

(Basically what the candidates have said before)
Gravel blames Democrats for war
Gravel says anyone who voted for war shouldn't be president

Health Care:
Most agree that health care is needed; details different (all or just children, etc.)

Don't Ask, Don't Tell:
Biden says Peter Pace is "flat wrong."

Gravel/Dodd support carbon tax

Edwards mentions how Iran used to support US, says use carrots (economic incentives) and sticks (economic sanctions if not accept incentives)

War on Terror:
Kucinich wouldn't launch airstrike against Bin Laden if might kill civilians; instead, wants to capture and try

Joe Biden wants to set up no fly zone over Sudan and to use force in Darfur but doesn't want to boycott
Richardson: "Maybe we won't go to the Olympics" if China doesn't stop supporting Sudan

Bill Richardson-Spend Iraq war money on domestics and line item veto and pay as you go constitutional amendment
Kucinich says get out of WTO

Top Priorities First 100 Days:
Edwards-fix what America looks like abroad
Clinton-Bring troops home (applause)
Obama-Bring troops home; healthcare (quickly)
Richardson-education: full day kindergaten, minimum wage for teachers (40,000), preschool for all
Biden-End War in Iraq, fix Korea, fix Iran
Kucinich-"reshape the world for peace", get rid of nukes, cancel NAFTA, cancel WTO, get healthcare
Gravel-? Didn't really say anything
Dodd-Fix constitutional rights (Guantanamo)