Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Excerpts from Rumsfeld's Parting Memo

These are some of the possible options soon-to-be former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld outlined in a classified memo to President Bush for "a major adjustment" in Iraq.

  • Significantly boost the number of US trainers and transfer more equipment to the Iraqi security forces.
  • Decrease quickly the number of US bases, now 55, to five by July 2007.
  • Provide US security only in cities or provinces that actively cooperate.
  • Focus reconstruction "in those parts of Iraq that are behaving . . . No more reconstruction assistance in areas where there is violence."
  • Place substantial US forces near the borders with Syria and Iran to reduce infiltration and reduce Iran's influence.
  • Withdraw US forces from vulnerable positions, such as patrols, and use them as a quick-reaction force to assist Iraqi security forces when needed.
  • Begin modest withdrawals of US and coalition forces to encourage the Iraqi government to take charge.
  • Provide money to political and religious leaders "to get them to help us through this difficult period."
  • Announce that the United States is trying out a new approach, which would allow further adjustments, if necessary.

Source: Boston Globe

Interesting, especially after the Iraq Study Group came out with its report.