Tuesday, October 10, 2006

North Korea Claims to Test a Nuclear Bomb

Now, especially after North Korea "tested" a nuclear bomb, the U.N. and the United states must stay together and agree. The U.S. must not offer carrots and sticks, but either just carrots or sticks. The different administrations have varied too much, giving incentives, then imposing sanctions. If the Clinton administration had been hard-line or the Bush administration softer, diplomacy may have succeeded. Although it is too late, now the U.S. and the U.N. still can either only give incentives or be tough about it and possibly achieve success with North Korea, without war.

Although it is cruel to the people of North Korea, aid must also be stopped. Even though there is very little chance of rebellion, and even less chance of it succeeding, there will be benefits. Kim Jong-Il obviously doesn’t care for his people very much, but it may have some effects. If Pyongyang gives more money to spend on the people, they will lower military spending. By giving the people of a communist regime aid, we have allowed North Korea to allocate more money for its military. International assistance must be cut off for diplomacy with North Korea to triumph.