Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin: A Smart Move… Or Not?

In case you haven’t heard by now, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has been chosen as John McCain’s running mate for the presidency. Palin has had more than one success during her short term (so far) as governor:

• Exposing ethical violations among Alaskan Republican leaders
• Canceling pork projects, including the ‘bridge to no where’
• Maintaining a 60% approval rating – she’s a “true conservative”
• Coining the term ‘VPILF

A good choice then?
Maybe. As one anonymous Digg commentator put it:
"[T]his is a brilliant move by McCain:

1. She would be the only candidate with executive experience (McCain, Biden, Obama only have legislative experience)
2. Appeals to conservatives
3. Will channel the women vote, and Hillary supporters' in particular
4. Charismatic, smart, principled, dedicated, American all the way
5. Younger than Obama
6. Wow factor: will definitely embellish the ticket ;)"

Or maybe not?
However, Palin carries some serious baggage. As one anonymous Redditor put it:
"In one move McCain took experience off the table, fired a shoot at his racist/misogynist supporters, doubled down on Big Oil, and made corruption an even bigger issue. It may well be game over."

To explain: Palin has very little experience – a criticism McCain has applied to Obama. Palin is close to Big Oil just by being governor of Alaska, and as well by trying to block polar bears from receiving protection under the Endangered Species Act. And as to the comment that she makes ‘corruption an even bigger issue’ – Palin has painted herself as huge on hunting down corruption, while at the same time she herself is under investigation.

What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

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Lamees said...

In choosing Sarah Palin for the VP position, McCain has shown that he's not just desperate to win this election by using dirty tactics and pretending to be a 21st century conservative who thinks of women as equals to men... he's plain stupid too. If it's the women's vote he was after, he could've chosen Senator Hutchison. She is not only of the female gender to appeal to Clinton voters, but she's got experience - and by that I mean more than 4 weeks ,unlike Miz Palin- on her CV! That would've kept the experience card on the table, which is McCain's most valuable card.

McCain had a chance to turn this election into his favour but he didn't. He showed a crucial error in judgement and irresponsibility towards the American people when he chose Palin as his VP.

Apex DBS said...

On my blog I argued yesterday that what is really going on here is that McCain wanted to pick either Tom Ridge or Joe Lieberman, but the social conservatives shot them down and gave him the ultimatum: someone pro-life, a pure Culture War hero to the evangelical right. So in a meek act of caving in he took her on board. My bottom line assessment was how can McCain lead the country if he can't lead his party? How can he stand up to China, Russia and al Qaeda if he can't stand up to the right wing of the GOP? And if he can't pick his own running mate even, who would be calling the shots as he built a cabinet or selected Supreme Court nominees? Forget about Palin--she'll do enough damage all by herself. Attack McCain for being more Dude Ranch trail pony than a Maverick.

Anonymous said...

Bringing "the Clampetts" to the RNC speaks for itself! John MacBush is toasted. George W.and John MacBush both suffer from the same issue and come from the same place. Both trying to make it from the nickel in their dads pocket. It's sad, but it is what it is, no more than that.Big shoes to fill,small feet with a nickel's worth of dad's dna.Sarah clampett skinning a moose she just slaughtered delivers tommorrow's Pro Life's "dinner"! Doing the same desperate things, the same old way and expecting a different result. Go good old boys, just not to where anyone has to hear from you for a long long time. RGMD Miami.

Thunter said...

There is something to be said for vetting a VP candidate, which obviously they did not. I believe this points to McSame picking her on a whim. I mean, this woman is the worst, she really believes that being close to Russia geographically, enables her to have a special insight into Prime Minister Putin's brain. Give me a break, Geographical Proximity Theory is total B.S.

Anonymous said...

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